We strive to fulfill our responsibility to all our stakeholders through a commitment to accountability, transparency and integrity.

About Us

One of the ways we fulfill our responsibility to our stakeholders is by striving to uphold best practices in corporate governance. We are committed to accountability, transparency and integrity.

Our board of directors has nine members, eight of whom are independent of management. Its primary responsibility is the stewardship of the company as it develops. The board discharges its responsibilities either directly or through four committees: 

  • Audit Committee
  • Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committee
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Audit Committee
Ronald P. Gagel (Chair)
Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell
Jonathan A. Rubenstein
Jim Rutherford
Governance, Nominating and Compensation Committee
Jonathan A. Rubenstein (Chair)
Thomas Obradovich
Patrick Downey
Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee
Patrick Downey (Chair)
Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell
Sean E. O. Roosen
Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Jim Rutherford (Chair)
Dr. Nicole Adshead-Bell
Patrick Downey

Our governance systems include policies and processes that define the roles and responsibilities of board and management to our stakeholders. We adhere to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that applies to all employees, officers and directors.

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Further details on our corporate governance can be found in our mandates, charters and policies below.

Contact the board

Interested parties wishing to communicate to the board of Dalradian Resources Inc. may do so by mailing a letter to:

The Board of Directors
c/o The Corporate Secretary
Dalradian Resources Inc.
207 Queen's Quay West, Suite 416
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A7

Alternatively, interested parties may email board@dalradian.com.

The Corporate Secretary will forward all questions or concerns to the board.

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