Our Name

Our name harkens to an ancient Gaelic tribe, as well as the type of rock that hosts our Curraghinalt Deposit

About Us

Our Name

Our name ties us geologically and geographically to Northern Ireland.

The Dalradian complex is a series of highly folded and metamorphosed sedimentary and volcanic rocks that are approximately 540 million years old. The rocks are found in a 720-kilometre long belt stretching from the Scottish Highlands through Northern Ireland and into the west of Ireland.

Our mesothermal Curraghinalt (possibly translated as the glenside marsh) gold deposit is hosted within this complex.

The geological term takes it name from the geographical region where it is found. It is a Latin derivation of Dál Riata, a kingdom of Gaels found in the north of Scotland and in Ulster, one of Ireland’s four ancient provinces.

Our 122,000-hectare property package, located in the modern counties of Tyrone and Derry, is situated within this region.