Offer by Dalradian for Minco plc
(Royalty Acquisition)

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We welcome you to review our company website to become more familiar with Dalradian Resources and the Curraghinalt Gold Project. Links to our Investor Centre are located to the left and contain all of our investor materials including our latest corporate presentation and financial reports. 

For more information on the Curraghinalt Project, take a look at our project summary and the results of our Feasibility Study

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Extraordinary General Meeting Presentation to Minco Shareholders

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Documents for Inspection

Rule 2.4 Announcement on the Possible Offer for Minco plc by Dalradian Resources Inc. 150 KB
Rule 2.5 Announcement on the Minco plc Sale of Curraghinalt Royalty 206 KB
Scheme Document 876 KB
Articles of Incorporation 286 KB
Articles of Amendment to Incorporation 1 102 KB
Articles of Amendment to Incorporation 2 106 KB
Bylaw No. 1A 957 KB
Bylaw Amendment 187 KB
Bylaw No. 1C 205 KB
Bylaw No. 1D 190 KB
Audited Financial Statements December 31, 2016 613 KB
Audited Financial Statements December 31, 2015 111 KB
Audited Financial Statements December 31, 2014 453 KB
Consent (Canaccord UK) 256 KB
Consent (Davy) 23 KB
Consent (GrantThorton UK) 36 KB
Consent (KPMG on behalf of Minco plc) 42 KB
Consent (OBH formerly McEvoy) 38 KB
Consent (UHY Farrelly Dawe White) 68 KB
Implementation Agreement 356 KB
Disclosure Letter (Dalradian) 72 KB
Disclosure Letter (Minco and Buchans) 78 KB
Deed of Indemnity (Miscellaneous) 107 KB
Deed of Indemnity (Taxation) 143 KB
Irrevocable Undertaking (Downey) 90 KB
Irrevocable Undertaking (Kearney) 90 KB
Irrevocable Undertaking (McKillen) 91 KB
Irrevocable Undertaking (McParland) 88 KB
Irrevocable Undertaking (Varma) 90 KB
Warrant Indenture 252 KB
Feasibility Study Technical Report 11.32 MB
Management Information Circular 2016 475 KB
Rule 2.10 Announcement (July 3, 2017) 177 KB
Form 8.1 Disclosure Dalradian Directors 1.39 MB
Rule 2.10 Announcement (July 21, 2017) 15 KB
Announcement: Minco Shareholders Approve Scheme of Arrangement for the Dalradian Offer and Demerger of Buchans (July 26, 2017) 385 KB
Announcement of Hearing Date and Updated Timetable 315 KB
Rule 2.10 Announcement (August 2, 2017) 116 KB
Rule 2.10 Announcement (August 25, 2017) 115 KB
DNA: 1.46  +0.01
DALR: 0.87  +0.00
Gold: 1,196.65  -0.23


1.46 +0.01 +0.69% Volume: 1,208,799 Aug 21, 2018 04:00 PM