A Great Mine Needs Great People

We’ve applied to develop an underground gold mine in West Tyrone. If successful, we’re going to need hundreds of great people for our operations in the coming years.

The full range of positions that a modern mine can offer are listed below. While most of the jobs in construction and operations will be available once our planning application has been approved, during the period that we are waiting for planning approval, we still want to hear from you. Fill out the online form below to let us know what areas interest you and we will stay in touch.

Dalradian In Depth: Jobs and Opportunity in Tyrone

Gold mining depends upon a diverse range of skill sets. Fortunately, many of these skills are found in County Tyrone, and we will provide training for occupations that, understandably, may be new to the area.

As soon as our Planning Application is approved, two years of construction will begin, creating jobs for 300 people. And once we are operational, the Curraghinalt mine will provide more than 350 well-paid jobs for people in Tyrone.

We will establish a new industry – gold mining, using modern technology and guided by the latest best practices. We will draw on skills and talent from across the region while creating new opportunities, particularly for young people, which we believe will help stem, and perhaps even reverse, the tide of emigration.

The Curraghinalt Mine will employ heavy equipment mechanics, welders, drivers, equipment operators, millwrights, electricians, crusher operators, and more. These jobs are essential to the operation of a mine, and while most will require good GCSE grades, NVQs or BTECs, or relevant work experience, they won’t require a degree. List of mine operations positions.

People with backgrounds in trades like bricklaying, concreting and tiling will find they can readily apply their skills to mining, which has been the case for many people currently working on our project. We intend to maintain our exploration arm, so core cutters, geo-techs, drillers and drillers’ helpers will still be needed.

Mine operations also create many professional, technical and managerial positions. Dalradian will need IT, geologists, surveyors, miners, laboratory technicians and people from an assortment of engineering disciplines. Additionally, the mine will employ environmental, health and safety and community relations personnel. And of course, we’ll need people with all the business, and professional skills required to run a modern corporation.

List of mill operations positions.

List of support and admin positions.

Support our Planning Application and read current employee profiles.

To learn more about opportunities with Dalradian, email careers@dalradian.com.

Skills Development and Internships

Building the Skills for Mining

At Dalradian, we are committed to up-skilling and education – providing our employees with training so they can gain new skills and move on to different roles within the Company. Currently, we are working with South West College and Canadian mining colleges on developing specialized courses designed to provide County Tyrone’s young people with the skills needed for a career in mining.

We already have a bursary programme in place with South West College to support students in studies that relate to a career in mining.

Opportunities through Internships

Our internship programme has provided invaluable work experience to university students in relevant disciplines. Wherever possible, we have hired those students as full-time employees. We will be able to expand this programme significantly when the proposed mine becomes operational.


At Dalradian we are looking for great people. While most of the jobs in construction and operations will be available once our planning application has been approved, we still want to hear from you. Fill out the online form below to let us know what areas interest you and we will stay in touch with any new job postings.

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