We’ve found something
precious. Opportunity.

One of the world’s most promising undeveloped gold deposits. A projected mine life of at least 20 years. More than US$1 billion in regional investment. A commitment to buying and hiring locally. Read more about the Benefits of Gold Mining.

The proposed mine at the Curraghinalt gold deposit will open a new chapter of economic development for Northern Ireland and County Tyrone. It will be the region’s first modern, underground gold mine – designed, built and operated using the latest technology and in accordance with global best practices and the most stringent regulatory standards.

During the construction phase, which is expected to last two years, the project will employ approximately 300 people with over 90% of the workforce coming from the local area. Once the mine is fully operational, we look forward to creating at least 350 permanent, well-paid jobs, with the vast majority of the employees coming from County Tyrone.

Curraghinalt will be a source of investment and opportunity for Northern Ireland for decades to come. Since 2009, the project has been owned and managed by Dalradian Gold Limited, a mineral exploration and development company.

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Future Careers

We’re going to need hundreds of great people for our operations in the coming years.

Supplier Information

We expect to spend in excess of US$1 billion to build and operate the mine.